Thursday, November 10, 2011

My 5 year old

Hanhan just celebrated her 5 years old birthday. It was a really simple celebration. Daddy is busy with his course assignment, while I'm too tired to do much. Yes, I'm pregnant and felt much more tired than it was in my first pregnancy. I didn't even sew her a birthday dress, which I kind of promised her.Instead of celebrating in school, like last year, we brought her to Pasir Ris Kid's Kampong during the weekend. Her school brought her there this year for school excursion, and she is really excited about going there again. She didn't get to do the "longkang"(small drain) fishing when she went with the school, so she got to try it this time round.
It wasn't easy to catch these little fishes. I managed to catch a few. Hanhan almost gave up trying, but after some persuasion and persevere, she also managed to catch a few. As for Daddy, he did it with ease. It really amazed me when he just swing the net blindly under the little bridge where the fishes hid and caught several of them with just one scoop. What good luck!

Hanhan was very happy to know that we could bring that the fishes home. We went to get fish tank and air pump from her grandpa, and bought the fishes some food too. But by the next day, all the fishes are dead. Although Daddy had told us that these fishes are usually bought as food for bigger fishes, and they don't live long, and we have got Hanhan prepared for it, but I'm still sad and surprised that they are all wiped out by the next day. Hanhan didn't make a fuss about it, but I know that she was sad about it too.

And one week after this incident, her grandpa bought her a packet of "longkang" fishes, but they met with the same fate. Hanhan was really sad this time and kept asking why did all the fishes die, we can't answer her as we had done what we know and I wonder why too. Hanhan wanted to keep a pet, and since "Puppy" and "Power" had died around June after living to a ripe old age, we told her that we might get her something else but we had made it clear to her that we are not keeping fishes again, at least not "longkang" fish. When grandpa knew what happened to the fishes, he wanted to buy another batch for Hanhan, but Daddy told him that we don't intend to keep fishes, maybe we will get a terrapin instead and her grandpa said that he will buy it for Hanhan. :P We will see about it then. My 5 year old

  • likes to hold our hands and swing like a monkey after the count of 3

  • walks faster than her mummy and likes to say "walk faster"

  • likes to imitate her Daddy

  • likes to talk a lot

  • likes to watch VCD again and again

  • likes to say "how long is this going to take"

  • is growing more and more independent.

  • scored full marks for all her English spelling and makes her mummy proud.

  • promised to teach and play with her baby brother/sister :)


Isabella Morais said...

Happy Birthday Hanhan!

She is gorgeous in the pictures!

Congrats for the pregnancy! :) Wish you all the best!


Fiona said...

happy birthday HanHan n congratulations to you, Pauline. :)

Pauline Perh said...

Thank you Isabella and Fiona :)

Nueyer said...

We tried longkang fishing before and all the fish died too. It seems that the fish are too stressed out by the fishing process and won't survive for long. Another reason would be that the water in the tank has not been cycled yet and has spikes in ammonia, and that kills the fish.

Pretty sad seeing all that fish die.... =(