Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Photography Session

Daddy is recently back to school as a student for a short course. One of the modules that he has to take is photography. And he is certainly glad that he got me a DSLR as birthday present.
This man finally has to discard his habit of using the auto mode where sometimes the hateful flash create horrible effect and start playing with my his camera. Yeah, have to cancel "my" and change to "his", because my DSLR has now unofficially became his. *sob**sob*
For the past one month plus, I have followed him to several places to take photos. The idea of doing all the time consuming assignments is killing him but he found some joys in it nevertheless. One of his assignments is studio shoots. And we are really lucky that one of his friends who owns a studio is kind enough to lend it to us. Our little model wasn't really cooperative since the photos are taken after her school and she was a little tired. But with me as assistant, we finally managed to get some decent shoots. :)

I love the photos and hopefully we can take a four person family photo shoots in a studio soon.

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Rebecca said...

Wow, really?! I caught it as soon as I read 'four person shoot' ~ CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Broccoli Ginger said...

oh?? You're pregnant? ;)

Creative Busy Bee said...

Oh! Wow! Good news! Big congrats to u. I like the 3rd pic of yr girl (很有女人味). I think we staying the same arean I saw u with yr family few time at S.pla.....Just 'pai seh' to call u.

Isabella Morais said...

Oh my! She is adorable!

Hanna is growing fast!

I also have a DSLR and I'm thru the auto-mode too :) ehehheh..

Are u pregnant?