Thursday, September 8, 2011

Eiffel of Paris - Big Tote Bag

To me, planning to make a dress or bag always takes up more time then the actual sewing itself. However, there are also many times that I have to sew and make changes along the way. I spent several days just planning how to make use of this fabric. And when I finally cut into it, I have to take a photo :P It's one big step forward, away from mind playing and procrastination.
Making the interior. First time making hidden zippered pocket, not that difficult, but workmanship still has room for improvement. Side A of the bag. Side B of the bag, with both ends tucked in.
This gives the bag a different look from the previous photo. And did you realised that the fabric on all 4 sides are different? :) I love how versatile this bag can be. Details at the side pocket. The fold at bottom of the side pockets is one of the change as I sew and I'm glad that make this change, as it makes the bag sweeter.
Make use of the fabric, all the way to the fabric edge, and add a bit of uniqueness to the bag.
Interior of the bag. One hidden zipper pocket, 2 big pockets, key latch and 2 snap buttons.

When I completed this big bag, a customer of mine, happened to use the Eiffel of Paris(B) to make these.

I'm still left with 1 big (the floral one that she made into the tote bag) and 1 small piece. I'm tempted to make something similar to hers, but I hope that I can think of something else to make. But most probably I will get myself into doing other projects before I can think of any :P


Jeanne said...

You did a beautiful job on this tote!!!

Anonymous said...

I would be happy if you could maybe give us a pattern for such a bag?! It's looking so lovely, but I don't know how to sew that that nicely. Especially not in the inside.