Monday, May 16, 2011

Genting Highland trip (30Apr-2May)

We went to Genting Highland for a short trip on one of the many long weekends that had past. I will consider this to be my 1st trip there, as I was too little to know or enjoy when my parents brought me there donkey years ago. We thought that this will be a good break from all the hustle and bustle.

Apparantly we are not the only one thinking so, and the way to Malaysia custom was jammed. And the Malaysia custom seems to be testing out some new system, which isn't working well, making the wait even longer. The usually 6 hrs journey turned out to be 11 hrs long. Hanhan was feeling a little unwell before the journey, although she had taken motion sickness medication, the long bus ride still made she vomitted all the way. And she clinged on to Daddy most of the time. All of us were tired out when we finally reached the hotel. We had a little rest in the room, before we finally decided to bring her to the hotel clinic. It was mid night then, and the medical fee we were charged was 120RM :P we just hope that she will feel better by morning.

Something funny (err.... how should I put it) happened about going to the Clinic. Daddy told me that when he was out looking for a clinic, someone approached him and asked in Chinese "Sir, do you need a lady?" =.= At first he was like "Hah? What are you saying?" And when he finally understood, he quickly walked away. It happened not only once but several times, even when I'm walking behind Daddy, carrying Hanhan to the clinic. I guessed the man didn't know that his wife(me) is actually following behind him. Hohoho....

Didn't really expect such thing to happen, as I thought Genting is quite family orientated.After taking the medication, Hanhan felt much better, and the next morning we can proceed with our plan-to the strawberry farm. Where Hanhan got to pick strawberry, or should I say cut, as she was given a pair of scissor for this purpose.

These are some of the strawberries that the farmers grow for their own picking. They have set an area just for tourists to pick strawberries and they come in pots.
There wasn't many ripe strawberries, and Hanhan was still a little grouchy but overall she still had fun at the strawberry farm.
After this, we went to the small mushroom farm just next to the strawberry farm.
Different types of mushroom growing out from rolls of compost. Daddy thinks that they look like rolls of fabrics.
If they were, I would definately bring a few rolls home ;>
There wasn't much information at the strawberry and mushroom farm, or we would have learnt much more. It's sad that it's just a place to earn money from tourists. The strawberries picked by Hanhan. The strawberries aren't really sweet, but Hanhan enjoyed eating them, and kept saying they are really sweet and yummy. I guess fruit of labour is always sweet :>
After the farm trip, we went back to Genting Theme Park for some rides at the big indoor amusement. We spent most of our time queuing for our turn and didn't take many rides. We didn't miss out much fun though, as usual we only take the low element rides.
We will probably spend our next long weekend at various Singapore tourist attractions. 11 hours of journey there isn't really worth it.

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XUE said...

Always so amazing when I come back here & get astounded by how much your daughter has grown!