Thursday, April 21, 2011

Heart throbbing fabrics

A new batch of Japanese fabrics just flew from Japan to my house last week, so I had been busy taking photos and listing them in shop.

This lot is a heart throbbing one, my heart beat went faster and faster as I opened up boxes after boxes to check the stock. Looking at the catalogue and sample is enough for me to go "wow" about them, checking them out rolls after rolls of them is crazy.

Here are some that really capture my heart. They are what I used to admire from magazine and weren't able to get.

I think I have strong preference towards this type of fabric, I'm so in love with them.

How can I don't love this fabric?! It's so super sweet........

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Jean said...

Ooooo I love these fabrics too !! So beautiful :)

Justina said...

Hi Pauline,

These fabrics are really lovely. :)