Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Where has all the time gone

Beside sewing these customised pouches for a customer, all I have done is mending and alterating. Hanhan has outgrown some of her dresses and I have to alter the hem so that she can wear them for a few more months. Need to make some pants and pajamas for her, but yet to find the time.Home coaching

Besides the regular weekly worksheets given by school, Hanhan has spelling (both English and Chinese) starting from this term. From last year's whinning when it comes to homework, to now taking it with more ease, the homework given by school seems to have set a pace for her learning at home.

I'm now trying to give her a bit more of what is expected of her to know and reinforce in area that she is weak in. I wasn't very diligent in this area but I think doing a little is better than none.

Paper setting

I fell into the same predicament again. I should have said no when I was asked. Although it didn't take me long to do when all ideas settle in but it's an adds on to the many other things that I have to do or want to do.

Maybe subconciously, I do not want to lose the link. I still want to have something to do with teaching. I actually have the idea of going back to teaching after Hanhan goes to Primary school, maybe not formal teaching with full load, maybe just relief teaching or tuition. This will help to ease Daddy's financial load.

I used to tell my friends what are my plans for future. I will have plan A, B, C and etc. And every few years I will review my plan. But seems like I'm getting too busy nowadays to focus on what I actually want, or is it that I have actually lose control of my life, or maybe I have been too greedy to want too many things and it's time to let go of some.....

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