Monday, March 21, 2011

Surprise finding

See what Hanhan and I found on the way back from school? It's baby bird, not one but two.
We found them near a tree just next to our block. Initially we just found one laying weakly on the floor, and doesn't move much. There was much chirping noise coming from the top of the tree, and we saw several birds flying around. They seems to be fighting or arguing (if only I know bird language, then I will be able to tell you what exactly happened) and soon another baby bird flew unsturdily down the tree and landed on the another of the walkway. This one was able to hop a little but couldn't seems to fly.
We were watching the birds with earnest and we saw a cat coming our way. The cat was wary of our present and without much shoo-ing, the cat walked away. We stayed on, not sure of what to do, till our neighbours cum Hanhan's school mate passed by. She took down some worms and we tried to feed them, but they are too young to know how to eat it. We can't feed the birds, we can't put it back in the tree (the tree is about 2 storey high). It doesn't seems right to bring them out of their natural habitat but it also doesn't seems right to leave it there, especially after seeing a cat eyeing them.

We don't know what to do. More people passed by, but none of them wants to take care of the birds. Hanhan and her school mate were eager to take care of the baby birds and wanted to bring them home, but both of us parents don't want to do so. For me, I really don't know how to take care of a bird, and don't intend to keep one. However as the first person to find the bird, it seems that I should take care of them, and eventually I ended taking them back.
After taking them back home, I asked my other neighbours how to take care of them, and one actually offered to take care of them, but when Hanhan heard about it, she started to tear. She wants to keep them as pet, but my intention is only to keep them till they know how to fly. Saw that Hanhan was all in tears, my neighbour offered to give us a hamster cage and let Hanhan (or rather I) keep the birds.
Both baby birds are now in the cage, and we managed to buy some food suitable for them. They are really tiny, only about 3-4cm big. I wonder what type of birds they are.

After reading this, I'm think of bringing them back to their parents as soon as possible. I wonder how will Hanhan response to it.


Creative Busy Bee said...

Believe its a very good experience for you and little hanhan for taking care of these birds.

Pauline Perh said...

@Creative Busy BeeBee, we only took care of the babies for a day. Next day I managed to pursuade Hanhan to give the birds to our neighbour as they like them a lot and I don't think the injured can survive if I put it back to nature. But not soon after that the birds died one after another... :( feeling guilty