Thursday, March 17, 2011

Cheeky Bits

1) During sewing lesson.

Hanhan: 我肚子饿了。[I'm hungry.]
Me: Go and look for Daddy, I'm busy now. (Hoping that Daddy can help me to settle her.)

After some time.

Hanhan:我快饿死了![I'm going to die of hunger soon!]
Me: ................ *_*"

Not sure when it started but Hanhan has became quite a drama queen.


2) Hanhan whispered to me in the morning: Last night I tiptoed to the toilet. I don't want to let Daddy Mummy know.

And truthly she did, as I saw her sneaked back into her room :P


Recently she likes to clip her hair up with Ikea bag sealer clips....

This post is initially created on 11 March morning, but I didn't get to finally it till today. Hope this can bring you a little smile amid the sad News about Japan.


Fiona said...

:) the clips are a great idea Hanhan! i might want to try it on my fringe whenever my hair clip (very often) goes missing.

Pauline Perh said...

@Fiona Hahaha.... you are funny too...