Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Learning to sew

Hanhan has shown great interest in sewing with sewing machine. We had a try when she asked again a few days ago.

She sat on my lap and I guided her hands and controlled the foot pedal. It's not easy to sew with her sitting on my lap and blocking my view now and then (not to mention dangerous too). We shifted and shifted till we finally found a more comfortable position, and when she was more familiar with the sewing machine, she was given control of the top operation, I remained in charge of the foot pedal. Her interest or should I say her attention, didn't last long, she soon got tired and wanted to rest or play with her toys. We sewed bit by bit for the past few days, whenever she is interested in doing it. Today I let her have full control of the machine. With cushion and box under her butt and feet, she is able to have a better view of the sewing area and reach the foot pedal. Using my Innovis 4000D, with the speed set to medium, she managed to sew a few more lines entirely on her own. She is very excited about it, she said "sewing is fun". But she soon got tired and wanted to stop, because "sewing is tiring" :P

Learning to use my new camera

Got myself (sponsored by Daddy) a DSLR as birthday present :) because I want to take "controlled blur blur" photos. Sorry, I forgot the term for it, although my friend taught me that, so it's still known as "controlled blur blur" photos for me. Hahaha...

Still not familiar with it. There are several times that I tried to take photos with the len cover on.... hehehehe.... and I wondered why the viewfinder is all black :P Yeah... I managed to take blur blur photos but sadly not so "controlled" ones. Hope that you all won't feel giddy after looking at my photos.
A photo taken using my new camera, trying to create the blur blur effect.


Fiona said...

have fun with the camera!

Keti said...

For me (having a girl of 5 whose dream is to learn to sew like mommy) this post is more than inspiring:)

Mrs Sze said...

The "depth of field" looks great on this photo =)

Pauline Perh said...

@Mrs Sze Hehehe... :> Thank you.