Thursday, July 15, 2010

Selfish Sewing

Have been sewing for Hanhan and others for most of the time, now it's time to sew for myself.

Made a top during the weekend. Not very successful, but after alteration still wearable. This is the second top that I have made for myself. My 1st attempt in making a top for myself a long while ago (haha... just checked my blog, that's 2 yrs ago :P), I made it too small and in the end I altered it and give it to my sis. So this time I use a bigger size without considering the cutting of the top design :P and it ended way too big. Daddy thought that I had made a sleep wear when I show him.*faint*

Determined to make it my own (don't want to let it go to waste or give it to my sis again) I start to alter it. To make it smaller, I cut quite a bit out from the sleeves, sides and bottom. The neckline is also way too big, but I'm too lazy to rip it, so I did a fold at the middle front.

And Ta-Dah!!
my second top
Ok... not fantastic... but very comfortable, which is my 1st priority in choosing clothes :) Made with Atelier Akiko polka dots with doodle (pink), a double gauze cotton, very soft and comfortable.

More selfishness came along after the top.
Fabric used: Kyo Yasai Radish (blue)

A wristless for myself.
Have been wanting to make one for myself but I just don't know why I didn't, and I really need one badly. I have never been one who know how to shop( not very women.... I know, oh.... forgot to mention that exclude shopping for fabrics and crafting supplies ) and knowing how to sew just give me more reasons to say "I can sew it myself, why buy?" even though I can't really sew all stuffs HAHA... and that's why I really need it badly.
This wristlet is triggering more of my selfishness........


Suzanne said...

Nice to see you doing some sewing for yourself and I really like your top it does look comfortable which I like also.

Creative B Bee said...

I also try to sew a dress for my self recently, but just not dare to show....And your pouch is very nice.

Fiona said...

nice fabric used and yay!, for the blouse. sometimes alteration brings surprising great results. i like look of the neckline and sleeves. :)

Anonymous said...

I wish I could sew for myself! the only thing I know how to sew is shorts...eheheh they are easy! :)


jean said...

yup i like the blouse too... and hee... i made lots of amendment too for the dress i made myself 2 weeks ago :-)

same thought as u- why buy when i know how to sew?! seems like for ppl who sew, we have more or less the same thoughts :-)

blessed nite!

Pauline Perh said...

Ladies, thank you for the encouragement. :)

Simone said...

VERY NICE. The top looks absolutely gorgeous on you and the wristlet is soooo useful and CUTE!

The Sew Convert said...

Cute blouse and congrats on the successful alteration! I really love the double gauze too, you should make more stuff for yourself :)