Saturday, July 17, 2010

Little Animal; Little Princess

All little girls want to be princesses, but my little girl wants to be an animal. Usually she pretends to be an animal a day. Depending on her mood, sometimes she can be a bear for a day or 2, sometimes she can change into another animal in the next minute. We onced asked her, "You want to be princess or animal?" Her answer was animal :P
Maybe that was because bad Mummy has been delaying in making her a tutu. She onced had one, she loved running and dancing in it. But now it was too small for her, and she has been waiting for a new one for a year or 2 :P
Yesterday we spent our evening at the Changi Airport. No we are not flying again, we are just there for dinner, we love to go there once in a while. Hanhan thought that we are going oversea again, she reminded us to bring our passports. We had to explain and clarify that we are not going to take the plane, worried that she will cry if she didn't get to take the plane. She loves to go overseas. Well.... what all these Changi Airport thing about.... we got her a tutu from there.
Today she wore her tutu and started dancing to the music again. :) Hohoho.... she danced for about an hour or 2.
And at night, she drew a "Hanhan fairy". I think fairy and princess somehow related. They are all pretty little things :)


Creative B Bee said...

OMG! YOur little girl is soooo cute with her tutu. And for her age can say she very well already. I love her drawing too.

Simone said...

Awwww so cute!!!! We go to the airport for fun also sometimes. My darling little monkey loves to run around there. Hahahhaha!

Hanhan fairy princess is such a DARLING.

Kate said...

Sooo cute!