Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I'm making clothes for myself!!

Oh...., my friends might think that I'm crazy....... this is a rare sight........ making clothes for oneself is not a usual practises in Singapore....... for a person of my age..... not that I know of. But I actually did that..... I like the design on the book, so I bought the book, and I made the blouse.

Yesterday, I cut out the pieces when Hanhan was having her nap.
And I started to sew at night..... worked til the wee hours. And it's done! Hmmm...... look a bit too wide on the lower half......
And I'm right! I like the design, but it makes me look fat..... oh yeah..... I'm fat in fact, but I'm trying to make something which will flatter me..... I need to make some changes...... hehehe... I guess I need some professional help from Linhui's mum.
Oh... in case you get the wrong idea, I mean I need to change the sizing of the blouse not my body shape. But for sure, it will be better if I can change my body shape. :P

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Wenn said...

Hey there,

It's true, sewing isn't quite a norm around here. It's good to know someone out there (here) shares my hobby. Seems like our mums/friends' mums are the only ones who truly know how to sew well. :p

I'm trying to sew something for myself too, but machines/fabrics, are just so costly in Sg.