Sunday, July 25, 2010

Zooming away

on my sewing machine and made a bundle of little bags. Hanhan got one, 2 were given away as birthday presents, 1 as gift.
I was having fun and had made far more than what I needed. I still have cut out fabrics for more bags, intend to sell them in shop but at the same time, I have taken pictures intending to make a tutorial for it. Hm.... the dilemma: will people still buy from me if they already have a tutorial :P

Haha.... was telling myself, if they can sew, even if I don't provide tutorial they still won't buy from me. If they don't sew and need one, even with the tutorial they will still buy from me. Am I right? Please tell me that I'm right and I will write the tutorial. :))


Anonymous said...

these are really cute! I love the japanese fabrics :)

Still have the ones u gave me :)


danielle said...

i think you summed it up perfectly!! we all love a good tutorial!