Monday, June 21, 2010

A Thank You Gift

Last Sunday morning was Hanhan's last supplementary lesson. We have decided to stop the lesson as it has been disrupting our weekend plans. Hanhan was always too tired for the lesson if we spent the day out before and she was also always too tired after the lesson to enjoy herself if we brought her out after that. Wondering if she really needs tonic or any special food? What do you give to your kid to keep their energy up?

A Thank You Gift
I decided to sew a thank you gift for Hanhan's very first teacher, teacher ZA. (It's was in school then I realised that her Name in short is spelled as "ZA" not "ZAI" :P luckily I managed to snap off the "I" before we gave the gift to her....hehehe... ) Hanhan was slightly less than 2 yrs old when she first met teacher ZA, and teacher ZA was really patient to guide her through the lesson.
A Thank You Gift

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Kate said...

What a lovely presernt!