Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Ready for the Road

Biggest accomplishment of the day: Got my bike ready to send Hanhan to school.

We have been walking to school, as the school is quite near. The walk to school takes only about 10-15min (toddler's speed), and most part is sheltered from the hot afternoon sun. But by the time we reached school, she is always covered with sweat, her hair will be all wet. Don't forget she is a hot babe! Hehehe.....

Have been wanting to cycle her to school (no $$ no license to drive :P), but have been putting off the idea. Today, I finally washed my old bicycle (too dirty, haven't been cycling for years) and brought it to the shop for repair and upgrade. When I pushed it there, the man recommended me to get a new bike instead, because after all the necessary additions and repairs (child seat, basket, new tyres etc..) it costs almost the same as a new one with all the stuffs I need.
It took me a long time to consider to get a new one or go with the repair and upgrade, I even went for a walk before making the decision. And Hanhan said "You walk very slow." ya, because my whole brain is on the bicycle.

Final decision: go with the repair and upgrade!
Just can't bear to part with my old bicycle. It's my very 1st bike, bought with my 1st salary by giving tuition. Hoho.... it's really old, about 15 yrs old or more.

I had been wanting to get a bicycle when I was about 11+ but my parents had been putting it off, saying that it's too dangerous to cycle on the road, there's no proper cycling track around the neighbourhood etc ..... When I knew that my Dad finally decided to get one for me, you can't imagine how excited I was. But it turned out to be a big disappointment to me too. He did bought me a bike! A bike with stand, a bike that can't run....... it's a stationary exercise bicycle *sigh*

So this bike is really precious to me. My long awaiting bike. Hope that I can get used to riding it with Hanhan soon.


Fiona said...

it's funny the part your dad got you a stationary bike instead. :) nice to know a fellow crafter likes cycling too. :) it's cool that you kept your first bike. meaningful!

Creative B Bee said...

I can imagine...you will not ONLY fetch yr little girl to school, you will happy to ride here and there for future...^_^

Broccoli Ginger said...

WOw!! nice bike you have! I wish I have one just like yours.. :) with the babyseat! :) Happy cycling! :D

Fabiana Pereira said...

Hi Pauline
the fabrics arrived here.

Thank for your atention.

XUE said...

You can get Hanhan a little bike & she can cycle together to school !