Sunday, June 20, 2010

Snap shots of Melbourne Trip

:)) Had a happy holiday! Here's some snap shots:

Hanhan's first air plane experience. I was worried that she might be scared, but she took it very well and enjoyed it very much. Her favourite part is watching the cartoons.
We didn't sleep well in the plane, so we are really happy to be out for some cool fresh air after the long plane ride and bus ride.
Love the Yarra River. This place is so serene and beautiful in the Sunday morning.
Hanhan was really happy to see all the animals in the Warrock Farm, but she was too frightened to do the feeding or pet them.
We visited the Chocolate Factory in Phillip Island, but we didn't get to see how the chocolates are made. I think the reason is that it wasn't part of the package, so disappointing :(
The "Amaze'N Things" has many fun elements that involved Science, just like our Singapore Science Centre, but in a slightly larger scale. Both Daddy and I had fun there, but Hanhan had no interest in most of the things there.
At the Nobbies. We didn't get to see any seal at the seal rocks but we had a surprise finding.
We spotted some Little Penguins.
Kiss kiss. Hanhan brought along her baby Emperor Penguin all the way from Singapore to Phillip Island to see the Little Penguins.
Photo taken along Great Ocean Road. No smile from Hanhan because her baby penguin was so happy to see the waves coming in that it had jumped into the ocean for a little swim.
One of the resting point along Great Ocean Road, another breath taking scenic place.
Feeding the many varieties of parrots and Cuckatoos at the Dandenong Range. These birds aren't afraid of humans and they seems to be more daring than the ones I saw 2 years ago. They would fly right to you at the sight of food, landing on your arm, shoulder and even heads; they don't just aim at the food in your hand but also the whole paper bag of food, which can be quite scary.
On Puffing Billy. This was Hanhan's expression throughout most of the journey on the train. We asked her if she was scared, she said no. Later, we found out that she was actually scared, but what is she scared of, we don't really know, maybe just because it was a new experience for her. On the train ride, she insisted that we are not supposed to sit on the window ledge (which is what most people do and it is actually really safe), because it is dangerous and people will scold us if we do that :P
Finally got off her seat and looked out of the train when she felt more secured.
Buffet lunch at the warm friendly Cuckoo Restaurant.
Hanhan became super happy and excited when we reached the winery. Our nature loving girl said that she loves the wind, the colourful trees and the grass. She used to hate stepping on the grass after she saw the sand flies during kite flying, I wonder whether she will still feel the same when she sees the sand flies again :P
Nice warm cuddles from Daddy in the winery. She was drunk by love.
Watching sunset from a different view on the plane back to Singapore. It was the most beautiful sunset I had even seen.


Suzanne said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful time on your holiday.

Little Munchkins said...

Sounds like you all had an amazing trip. Gorgeous photos of you and your family.

How's Hanhan coping with her lost baby penguin?

Oops-Lah said...

so glad you had a lovely family holiday. And you did quite a lot of different things. Little Hanhan seemed to enjoy every bid of it. How did she cope with the cold after hot Singapore? Cheers

Creative B Bee said...

Really have a FUN vacation. Thank you for sharing these yummy photos!

Pauline Perh said...

Little Munchkins: We managed to get back the baby penguin before it was washed away, but Hanhan had to go without it for a few days as it was really dirty and wet.

Oops-Lah: It wasn't really cold on the days we were there, except for the last day morning when we met with a short storm. Hanhan loves the cool weather there, it was just like a big air con room to her, and she didn't sweat like mad as she always do in Singapore.

Suzanne & Creative B Bee: Ya, it was really a wonderful vacation :>

Fiona said...

nice family photos taken! :)
the great ocean road is one of my dream places to visit. hanhan looks very cute in her winter wear. :)