Thursday, June 10, 2010

Shop Vacation Notice ; Sewing before the journey

Shop Vacation Notice
I will be away for a week from 13 June to 19 June. You can purchase from my shops as usual but order made after 12 June 12noon will only be shipped on 21 June.


Finished sewing a total of 2 pants and 1 jacket in less than a week, a record for me! They were all washed, just not totally dried. These few days the sun wasn't cooperating with me. The days had been gloomy. Hanhan had recovered from fever, but still has runny nose. Hope that she will be totally recovered really really soon, I really look forward to the trip.

The pants I made for her.
Baggy long pants for toddler
Elastic tape threaded. I did some elastic stitch on top to secure the elastic tape, I think I pulled a little too much and top part went a little wonky. I used elastic on the bottom of the leggings too, hoping to cut down the amount of cold air flowing in.

Another pair of pants for her. The one shown on top is a little baggy, this one is straight cut.
cute straight cut long pants for toddler
cute straight cut long pants for toddler
I chose several fabrics for Hanhan to match with the solid brown. In the end, she chose the Chihuahua fabric, she always like cute stuffs, like her Mummy ;P I showed Daddy the completed pants and he gave me a weird look, he thinks that I have over done with the Chihuahua fabric, what do you think?

The patterns for both pants are modified from past issues of Cucito. I can't find a satisfy long pants pattern for girl, so I used the basic shape for boys pants and modified their pockets and such, to make them looked a little more girlish.

Refashion my fleece sweater bought years ago. I only wore it once I think, now it's way too small for me.

Before: sweater for me
After: Jacket for Hanhan
I guess I'm not good with fabric that moves a lot, the zipper part went wonky too. However, at least the sweater got to see the outside world again, I'm sure Teddy will be happy too.
Oh.... Teddy had went to the back.


Creative B Bee said...

Wow! Admired you and the jacket is so cool!!!

Broccoli Ginger said...

i think you overdone the second pants too :P maybe the back pocket you can just do a 1" on top and the rest still brown.. :) and the bottom part too..
Just my 2 cents. The jacket looks very nice!

Pauline Perh said...

Haha... I guess I have really over done the second pants :P