Saturday, November 21, 2009

This week's sale - Ribbons and Lace

Weekly sale theme "Ribbons and Laces"
These are just some of the items on sale, more can be found in the weekly sale section in my etsy shop. Items discount range from 15% - 40%.
Here is the dress that I mentioned before, and it's made from the above "Story of the Forest, Ribbon and Lace". Finally had a chance to take a photo of Hanhan in it.
This photo was taken a few days ago, when we were at Daddy's army camp open house. Daddy has finally becaome a millitary reserve. We took quite a few photos over there, some with the army tank and in Daddy's bunk, but we are not allowed to show. However, I think this photo is quite safe :)

And I'm trying to make more of these dresses. I really mean more.... I have already cut about 12 pieces for sewing. When they are done, I will let you know where you can get them.


Almost forgot to mention, these are newly up in shop.

They are so cute, even the selvedge is cute too.

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