Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Saw this book in the library while browsing the children section with Hanhan yesterday. Just with the use of fingers and you can knit scarfs and hats, so amazing,!
Bought a few balls of furry yarn months ago, they are so furry and it's really difficult to see what I'm actually doing...... stitches are all covered by the "fur", can't figure which is the 1st or 2nd stitch :P and I gave up trying to crochet with it. Thinking this book might come in handy for these furry balls, so of course I must borrow it! Well.... just had a try with it..... doesn't seem easy too... will try again in the next few days. So why this post, because my dear little girl is also interested in knitting. Why the sudden interest? Because of this book:
She wants to be like the little sister bear, so today I bought her a knitting tool that look similar to what is shown in the book, but it was way too small and intricate for her now. I had a try on it too, had some difficulties at the beginning too. Will let her try again, if unsuccessful, might teach her how to use her fingers to knit (first, I must know how to do it :P) or get her the knitting tool that Melissa had used (at least it's bigger and should be a little easier for a toddler).
By the way, can you see that Hanhan is greatly influenced by the books she reads?!

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aw...this must be difficult :)