Monday, August 24, 2009

I-Spy Blanket

It's done! It's washed! It's used!
Before I had the chance to take a photo of it, Hanhan wanted to use it. She even wanted to use it on a hot day, so the decision to not to include batt is correct. :) The top is a combination of what's in my stash, my shop and some are from the lovely Anna and Kylie.
Back of blanket. I have 4 colours for this froggy flannel. :P
The wordings aren't obvious. Would have chosen a more simple print for the backing if I have one, but the big pieces in my stashes are mainly animal and loud prints.
Oh.... I made a pocket in the blanket, so that Remy has a place to sleep and Hanhan can snuggle both Remy and the blanket at the same time.


Lola Jo said...

What a beautiful quilt! The pocket was a fantastic idea. My daughter has a lamb that is in need of something just like that!

One Flew Over said...

A fantastic blanket!

a little pea in a pod said...

Hi this is a lovely child's quilt with lots of colors and different prints :) I stay in Singaopore and may i check where about can i get the lovely strawberry fabric locally? Thanks :)

Ahfat said...

Hi a little pea in a pod,
You can get the strawberry fabric from my etsy shop or just email me the amount you want. I imported them from Japan, so I don't know where else you could get them.

fiona said...

sweet quilt. lucky Hanhan.

i think Remy has a long lost brother. He's our doggies' "pet". um hm... albeit one who's pretty worn down.

Anonymous said...

wow it looks wonderful pauline!! i could see han han snuggling both remy and the blanket.