Friday, February 20, 2009

I'm really lucky

Recently, I won a giveaway from Kylie's Stitch 'n Sew and I just got the parcel. It is a bag of scrap fabrics. It doesn't sound wonderful? But it is a wonderful bag of scrap fabrics!
I love the animal fabrics, especially the froggies. See, she has so many different types of froggies fabrics. Both Hanhan and I are excited to find one froggies fabric after another. Although small, I think they will make a nice I-Spy quilt.
Hanhan enjoyed looking and touching the fabrics as much as I do. She even use them as additional "ingredient" for her felt food, as I was looking through the pile of teasures.
As I mentioned, I'm really lucky. Anna from Sew What gave me a lovely bundle when I had her and her girl over my place for some crafty session. We had fun chatting that day, if not for the fact that the girls need our attention, we would have sat down for some sewing or even go shopping for fabrics.
She packed the yummy japanese fabrics (they will be part of the I-Spy quilt) and laces in a bag embroided with cute elephants. (This reminded me that Hanhan is also lucky enough to get an elephant colouring wallet from her.) I love the bag, and really appreciate her effort in the painstaking embroidery. I doubt I will ever have the patient to do embroidery with machine like this. You will love her works too if you are lucky enough to receive something from her.


XUE said...

Congratulations on winning these wonderful colourful scraps ! A crafty person can never have enough supplies! I do like that pic of yr daughter with the scraps.

Kylie said...

Glad you liked the scraps. I used the frog fabrics in a quilt for my son (which I've yet to finish!) If you search my blog for frog quilt, you can see what it's like.