Sunday, August 23, 2009

2 Cakes in a Day

A friend was over my place to learn baking a few days ago, we actually baked 2 cakes in a day. It was fun, and we spent about 7 hours baking them. Half the time was chit-chatting and some time was spent on shopping at DAISO as we need to get some stuffs there. I was onced again proved to be a bad Shifu, I actually forgot to test whether the cake was cooked and I took it out of the oven and inverted it, luckily there was a remedy. The last time she was here to bake cookies with me, the cookies were not as crisp as it should be. See the heart shape? Decorated by her, the cake was for her boyfriend's birthday :P
And this one was solely for our tummy and it was almost gone by now. There's kitkat sandwiched in the cake, tasted quite good.
Cake and birthday go hand-in-hand, so is blowing candle and singing birthday song. So we had a birthday celebration for..... err..... Remy. It's no one's birthday, but Hanhan wanted to have birthday celebration because there's a cake, and so that day became Remy's birthday!
So the next time when I blogged about baking cake, most probably we will be celebrating Doggy's birthday. Hehehe...


fiona said...

yum, looks delish!

i should be your friend so i can learn baking from you and go Daiso shopping!

Ahfat said...

Oh.... look forward to your return to Singapore then! We can bake together and go Daiso shopping :)))