Monday, February 16, 2009

Calling all Crafty Types in Singapore!! (borrowed from Anna)

Do you like crafting? Do you live in Singapore? If your answers for both questions are "Yes", you are the one we are looking for!!!!!

Hehehe..... don't be mistaken, we are not hiring people, we are just looking for crafty bloggers like me and you to join in for some fun. Anna from Sew What is organising a blog meetup, and I'm in it. Join us for some fun in Chinatown, where fabulous fabrics and craft materials can be found. Check out here for more details.

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XUE said...

Oh Ah-fat !!! Soooo nice that you hv such things happening over at yr end. I was in Singapore about 2 weeks ago. As & when you hv such events, will you post or email me? Who knows...maybe I can make it someday as I go to Singapore a couple of times a year.