Thursday, December 18, 2008

My 1st Etsy sale

I have been waiting to post this post for a long time. After months of waiting, till I almost give up, I finally made my 1st sale in Etsy.
If you have been observant, you might have released that 2 items are missing from my Etsy shop in the side panel of my blog for sometime. No.... not item listing expired, THEY ARE SOLD!!!! :))

This is my 1st oversea sale, to USA.
I have been checking my registered mail status after the mail was sent out...... but why the status is always "despatched to oversea"??? Until just now, I read the clause "For local to overseas item, the status is available up to the point the mail leaves Singapore. Further status of your overseas item is available to the following destinations........"
Then I checked further, the mail which was sent out on 1 Dec had been delivered on 8 Dec.
Hehehe...., silly me......... *knock**knock*

Edit to add: Thank you Little Munchkins, I hope there will be more sale coming after this. And I definately need to put more things in my etsy shop.


Little Munchkins said...

Congratulations on your first sale! They look really cute and I am not surprised that they were sold.

XUE said...

Congratulations on yr first sale, I am glad for you. I find it really tough to sell via Etsy & my sales hardly come via Etsy. Happy New Year & I wish you more sales!