Saturday, December 20, 2008

Mail box surprise

I was thrilled when I saw what's in the mail box today. It's the give-away gifts from Tina!
The 1st thing I did after opening the envelope was to try on the aprons with Hanhan. Tina has taken much care to the details of the aprons, I love the aprons. Hanhan happily let me put it on for her, I think she loves it too. And I love the book "the mother in me" too, it is filled with storys and poems by mothers, which truly speak well for mothers and will definately enlighten me in some ways.
Thank you Tina, for such a lovely gift.
Hope my give-away gifts can reach Lynna and Katie on time for Christmas.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

don't you two look so sweet in those aprons?? gee hanhan seems to have had a growth spurt. she is looking so tall. :D

would love to meetup with you before thursday, if possible. how about a park halfway between us?? not hard for me to catch a bus to ang mio kio. is it suitable for you??