Thursday, June 5, 2008

Going on holidays

I'm going to Melbourne and Sydney for holiday, I should be excited and happy...... but I feel sad. Hanhan is not going with us, Daddy said that she is too young to enjoy the trip, and if she goes with us, we wouldn't be able to enjoy ourselves too.

Today we are packing our luggages for the trip and Hanhan's luggages too, she will be staying at my Mum's place. Hope that she will enjoy her 7 days company with my Mum and sisters, and not ignore us when we are back. She seems much more aware of what's going on. When leave her with my Mum and go out without her, she will always want my Mum to help her to wear her shoes when the sky turn dark, and she will keep a look out for us coming back to fetch her home.

I don't like this kind of feeling, Daddy and I make a pact to bring her along for our further trips, this make me feel slightly better, but not totally.


Suzanne said...

Hello I got your blog from Wen at a simple life. Hope you have a good time away. I went away without my children last year and it was better than I thought. Try not to worry and enjoy yourself.

Kate said...

Enjoy yourself - I went away for a long weekend last year without my girls and I really missed them, but was able to do so much more without them.

Arkerchi said...

Hope u will enjoy ur holiday. Don't worry about the little one .. it is good to go on a holiday just with ur huaband.