Friday, May 30, 2008

It's school holiday!

My 2 nieces came over to my place to have some fun, and we made some cupcakes. They were very eager to have hands-on session, and of cos they did have fun learning to make cupcakes.

Oh.... about the summer dresses, the girls seem to be allergy to the fabric or..... not very sure.... anyway they feel ticklish when they wear it....

I have had lengthened Hanhan's summer top with laces (don't like her to expose her belly button :p), what do you think of the change?


Natalie said...

Your blog looks so sweet and fun.
Thank you for leaving a comment on Chickenblog.
Our videos are a new feature and we are running them on Quicktime. A soon as possible we are going to upgrade the format and I hope it makes it possible for more people to enjoy them.

Rebecca said...

I love the lace added to the top - very cute!