Saturday, June 14, 2008

I'm back!!

Wow.... I had a great time in Australia, thanks fellow bloggers. And from what I heard from my Mum, Hanhan had fun staying there too, she doesn't seems to miss Daddy and Mummy at all, err.... this should be a good thing, I think.
Photos are mostly taken by Daddy, I just relax and enjoy myself by just being there. My favourite part of the trip - going to Great Ocean Road and Philip Island. Like the bleeze blowing through my hair, it is so refreshing, erm... well... most of the time it is more than just bleeze, but I still like it. And of course I like the cute little penguins, but they don't allowed photos to be taken, so no photos of these cuties.

And I had lots of fun being up close with the animals.

Oh... I just wonder why white kangeroo Mummy has a little joey of a different colour. Is she helping her neighbour to looking after their joey? Or is she a nanny? Hehehe.
These calves are really hungry, they actually sucked till the milk bottles become dented.


Nikki said...

SO glad you made it to Port Campbell. One of my favourite places in the world!!

li li said...

I love those cute little penguins too!! (was in Melbourne in Apr07) ^o^