Wednesday, May 7, 2008

My hot babe

Oh..... from now on this will be my new home. For friends who know chinese, you might like to visit my old blog in Chinese over here. If any of you would like me to translate, I will gladly do so. As for now, let's see the hot babe in my house.

Isn't she hot??!! She is so hot these days that she keep scratching herself and I have to try to keep her as cool as possible. I made her the blouse shown in the photo, and the design actually came from a doll book. The blouse seems a little too short for her, but she has to make do with it since she doesn't want me to take her measurement.

Does anyone know how to rotate the video? I happily took it with my digital camera when I saw her dancing to the music, without realising that I shouldn't take it in this angle. She looks so cute when she is dancing, I have to take it before she stops.

I tried my luck and did a quick search on the net on how to rotate video and I'm so lucky. If you have the same problem, have a look at this site:

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