Friday, March 4, 2011

Fat Connection is 2 years old!! ; Anniversary sale


Although I have been using the name Fat Connection since I started to sew for others, sometime in 2005. Fat Connection is only officially registered in 2009 March, so legally speaking, she is considered as only 2 years old.

I have a friend who told me something like this, "You are really brave to start your own business, aren't you worried that it might not work out the way you want?" Well... my answer to her, "At worst, I will use up all the fabrics, since I will be spending lots of money buying fabrics anyway." LOL....

I guess at then I was totally crazy about fabrics and sewing. If I have considered the number of people who sew in Singapore (all friends around me don't sew :P) and the no. of people who will buy fabric/handmade from me (well... not all who know how to sew is sure to buy fabric from me) etc... I don't think I will start Fat Connection as a registered business.

I'm glad to say along the way, I have many great friends and customers who have given me lots of support. And of course I have also met people who don't know how to appreciate handmade or look at me weirdly when I tell them that I sell "cloth".

I still remembered when I was studying in SP, one of our school project is to do alteration and amendment to a shop space. I designed it into a craft shop with a workshop area. I have dreamt of having my own craft shop, unsure of what type of craft it will be and I think subconciously I'm working towards it as I grow older.

I'm happy with what I'm doing now, doing anything about crafts :), I won't mind if I have can do this till the end of my days. Hope we can celebrate many more birthdays for Fat Connection :>