Sunday, February 20, 2011

Our Saturday; Sentosa Boardwalk

After shopping with Daddy for his school stuffs, Hanhan and I went to VivoCity to meet my girl friends for steamboat on Saturaday, not yesterday, it's last Saturaday... a late post again. It's an all girl affair, so Daddy prefers to stay home :P

Hanhan and I were there early, so we went shopping first. Hanhan loves to follow me wherever I go, even when go out with my girl friends. We were surprised to see that the Sentosa Boardwalk is completed and so we went to have a look.
The walkway is really spacious and beautifully decorated with flowers, so we went clicking on the camera. Learnt from previous experiences, now I tend to arm myself with camera whenever I go :>

:))) photo of me taken by Hanhan. I'm glad that she knows how to take photo.
One of the wire scultpure along the boardwalk.
Lollipop tree!!! Like the ones in Strawberry Land.
If only our land is covered with candies, cakes, chocolates and breads.
We walked all the way to the end of the boardwalk and Hanhan insisted that we enter Sentosa. Thinking that my friends had yet to reach and there might be more to see, I paid entry fee. After entering, I started to regret. There isn't much to see near the entrance beside the bunnies and the big "RW" flower sculpture, and it's crowded. And soon, my friend called to say they have reached, which means we need to go back to main land soon. We visited the visitor centre to ask for direction to the sky train station (thinking that will be the fastest and most comfortable way to get back), as the place is completely new to me after all the renovation. When we are finally near the sky train station, we saw long lines of people waiting. Are they queueing for movie tickets or ...??? Nope, they are all waiting to take the sky train. It's ridiculous!!! We ended up walking back to the main land again, luckily there is travellator at some stretch of the boardwalk.

It's a long wait to enter the restuarant, but I'm just glad that we have reached Vivocity to meet up with my girl friends.

Our sumptious steamboat dinner.
Back at Sentosa Boardwalk after dinner for a stroll, Hanhan's idea.


fialka012 said...

Moc hezké...

SAPE said...

Nice outing! Could you share in detail with photos how to make such a nice wallet? My young teenage daughter tried twice. Second time was much better result, still can improve.
Thank you. Elena