Thursday, January 13, 2011

Our weekend

Brought Hanhan to Esplanade last Sunday for "The Music of John Williams". It's a free concert performanced by the Singapore Wind Symphony. She was excited about it when she knew that she is going for a concert. We were supposed to meet my friends but we were late, hence we did not enter the concert hall together, and were seated separately.

Hanhan seated upright and probably in her own seat, and clapped her hands when she is supposed to. I was really glad to see that, but right after the first song ended, she wanted to get out of the concert hall. When I asked her does she like it, she answered yes but she had enough already *_* I managed to let her stay for a few more songs but eventually left before the concert ended. This is also my first time in the Esplanade concert hall, it's really grand, when Hanhan looked up at the ceiling, she said, it looked like watermelon *_*

Hahaha.... not so bad for a start I supposed. Might bring her there more often as there's a free concert every month! :)
We roamed around the area while we waited for my friends. I have not been to Marina for a long time. About 4-5 years, since Hanhan is borned? The view infront of me is totally different from 4-5 years ago, there's so much changes and I suddenly felt that I'm a mountain turtle :P It's like I'm in a foreign land. I was taken aback by the changes I saw but somehow enjoying myself too.

Gloomy sky, incooperative model and a poor little camera phone gives you only 1 poor little photo :P

Later that day, we walked from Esplanade to Marina Bay Sand, to Raffles Place, to Boat Quay, then to Central. Hadn't walked so much for a long long time and Hanhan was with me all the while, walking on her own. When we asked her is she tired, she said "Very comfortable." Hahaha..... great!

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