Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Busy busy, lazy lazy

Oh no...., realised that I'm lagged in blogging these few months.

Ok, here's a few updates:

(About Fat Connection 1st)

1. Realised that my blog has somehow slowly filled with more and more shop updates and stuffs like that. I would like to invite you to join me in Facebook and Twitter for these information. And I will update my blog with only posts about my girl and crafts...... I think somehow Fat Connection will pop up in this blog again as it's part of my life after all. But officially, Facebook and Twitter willl be the main space for store information. I will periodically giving out promotional voucher code over there too, so do join me!

2. More Japanese fabrics have arrived. I'm still loading them up in Fat Connection, by tomorrow they should be available for purchase.

3. Fat Connection is now offering wholesale pricing for our Japananese fabrics!! :) If you are ordering in bulk, please contact us about wholesale matters.

4. Had been conducting sewing lessons for the past few months. I'm very happy that I have finally found someone who loves to sew too.... and it's not only one but more than that! It's really great to know people who love to sew like me ^_^

However, my house seriously need to be cleaned up, since CNY is coming really really soon.... and there are still piles of things here and there :P After this cycle of sewing lessons, I will stop for a while. Planning to have more sewing lessons sometime in March again. If you are interested, please email me and I will keep you informed.


Now back to my craft and girl....

Crafty side wise really nothing much to say, I haven't really been sewing.... :(
But since CNY is coming soon, I think I will at least sew something for my girl, hope that I will have the determination to do it, had been a little lazy in this aspect these days.

During the holidays, I had been trying to teach Hanhan to recognise Chinese characters (her report for word recognition isn't really fantastic), but she is slow and steady, I have faith in her. Yet to finish her whole set of 10 books, hope that I can find the time to continue as school term has just started, and it will be back to rushing to and fro school.

Can't leave a post with a photo, here's my little reindeer infront of our WIP Christmas tree (on the 25 Dec, it's still WIP :P)

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