Tuesday, May 4, 2010

It's been really quiet here

Didn't craft a lot these few weeks. Just busy......

coughing and sneezing. Fell sick again, started to feel old already :P Now much much better, don't have the feeling that I will cough out my lung.

guiding my girl with her school work. Besides Nursery, Hanhan continues with her supplementary class on Sunday morning. We stopped her lesson for a term, and when asked whether to continue or not, she actually said "Yes" (with a "no" now and then, as she can be quite frickle-minded at times. ) We asked her several times, as class fee wasn't cheap, we want to make sure that she really wants to go for the lesson. Glad to see that she is now enjoying both her Nursery lesson and this supplementary lesson. Nothing beats learning with joy.

getting ready a home for Fat Connection. You will soon be able to shop at FatConnection.com.sg , a proper home for Fat Connection. Besides sewing craft materials, I'm trying to offer more handmade stuffs too. Hope that everything is ready in a week or sooner, keep a look out!


Anonymous said...

Hi here Pauline!

Get well!

Kisses. Isabella

Pauline Perh said...

Thank you Isabella.