Saturday, May 8, 2010 is ready! is now ready for shopping! Please take a look at my new shop. If there's any need for improvement, please feel free to tell me. Thank you in advance.

I have also loaded something new in the shop!

Cute mini clutch frame purse.

These are done about a month or 2 ago, have been keeping them for my new shop. Go to my new shop to see more photos of them.

And I really have to thank Sheilla from Made With Love Inc. for helping me to design and set up the shop, I think she really did a great job!


Creative B Bee said...

Hi! I take a look at your shop. All your products are so beautiful.Wish you生意兴隆!!

Fiona said...

congratulations! happy sales to you. :)

XUE said...

Congratulations on this new shop, Pauline. I wish you lots of sales too. Happy weekend!

Frangipani said...

Those are really cute!
Congratulations on opening your shop, it must be so exciting!
Thanks for becoming the very first -and therefore very special- follower on my blog :-D.