Friday, October 16, 2009

An Old Bag

Just completed a new bag for myself, yet to have the chance to capture it in day light. It reminded me of my old bag, so I'm going to show you my old bag first.
This was sewed about 5-6 years ago, while I'm still teaching in school. It's made completely from my own sketch, designed and constructed based on my needs at then. Yes, at then I need a really big bag to carry home all the worksheets that need to be marked, sometimes books as well. Life was really hectic then, everyday went to school early in the morning, went home late in the evening and after dinner, it's time to mark worksheets. Glad that these are over for me. Of course there are good times too, but I still prefer my lifestyle now.
I still remember that this design comes from the doodles I did during a workshop :P
Pockets and loops for my mobile phone, travel card, thumbdrive and etc, all based on my needs at then.

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