Tuesday, October 20, 2009

From Uniform to Disney

IMG_0731 (2)

These are actually Hanhan's Childcare Centre uniforms, but she only wore them for a week :P It's a waste to leave them in the wardrobe and I don't think it's nice for her to wear them as casual wear with the centre's badge on them. Therefore, the school badges are removed, and I embroidered them with Disney's characters, they look so much better now.


Didn't do a good job for the Minnie Mouse, so it kind of look like pirated ones ;P

Machine embroidery wasn't as easy as what I first thought of, to get a really beautiful finish look require lots of experience I guess. There are so many factors that will affect the final product, so much so there is no one definate solution when a problem surfaces. Embroidering on ready made product, like this ready made T-shirt, is like taking a risk. Once the needle is down there is no turning back, and the texture of the fabric actually play a big part on how the finish look will be. Do a test embroidery? No way for a ready made product, unless you are willing to sacrifice one. So now you should know which one I embroidered first.


Anonymous said...

They look awesome! I really can't see anything wrong :) Good job!

I wish I could have a machine like yours but in Brazil is very expensive.

Pauline Perh said...

In Singapore, it's also very expensive, but my husband is good enough to buy one for me :)