Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Chihuahua pants

Made a pair of pants for Hanhan just the night b4 we last went to the zoo, so that she could have a nice pair of pants for the outing, her other pants are either stained with dirts or too short for her. This girl is really growing....
So here are more pants for her, in her favourite Lecien Happy Chihuahua fabric. I wanted to make a pair of pink ones for her, but as I'm draughting the pattern (from Child Boutique summer'08) on the pink fabric, she requested for a blue one. Thinking that she might change her mind about the choice of colours, I made 2.
Did she change her mind after the pants are made? Nope.... this girl has her own mind and she is rather determine (or stubborn?)! She sticked to her choice... blue, and doesn't want to wear the pink one. So now I have an extra pair, the pink one.
She loves the fabric and the pants, when she saw the fabric or pants she will say, "Chihuahua.... so cute.....". Hahaha..... she sounds so sweet and so cute :>

When I tried to take photos of the pants she wanted to join in, so there she was with her "rabbit".

But when I wanted to take a photo of her with the pants on, she refused to cooperate :P


Creative B Bee said...

She is a lucky girl. I love the pants too.

XUE said...

Hi P ! I actually liked that blurred pic of Hanhan zooming past! Very cute, like her pants!

Kate said...

Very cute!

Suzanne said...

Cute and what a real girl knows what she wants to wear already.