Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Our Teachers' Day

was spent at the Zoo.
After the long queue for ticket and not long after we entered the Zoo, it started to rain.
We spent most of our time under shelthers, but when the weather turned slightly better, we still managed to view some animals. The big cats no longer hide under the shades, and we got a real clear view of them. The Fragile forest seems to have a lot more mousedeers than we had ever notice.
Hanhan requested to take photo with this kangaroo :) to our surprise, as recently she refused to take photo for most of the time.
Can you see that she really loves kangaroo?!
Now she has 4 kangaroos on her bed(bought from last year's trip to Australia) sleeping with her.


Kuky said...

That is so cute, where she's holding the kangaroo's hand.

XUE said...

Yes, that is so cute - Hanhan holding hands like that !

Kate said...

She is so adorable!