Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Winner for give-away part 2

Thanks for joining in the give-away, I think I have more fun reading your guesses than you trying to guess.... hehehe... You gals are really imaginative. I like Ally's guess best, "little monster from the garden", Hanhan and I will keep a look out for that.

Well.... a few of you got it right..... that hairy green thing in Hanhan's hand is


We picked this baby rambutan under a tree near my Mum's place, there are a lot more on the ground, fallen after a night of rain, they look so cute. I used to think that Singapore only has one season and that's SUMMER, I didn't really realise there is also spring until I found these baby rambutans. They made me take a better and closer look at my environment, then I realised the new shoots and leaves coming out from the plants. There are a lot more Mimosa then any other time of the year too, although Hanhan and I have been playing with it.

Oh.... not to forget to mention the winner of this give-away is

Congratulation to iaminchennai!

This is her comment:

I think its some kind of flower... unopened bud.
I love the small half circle pouch...

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