Monday, May 4, 2009

First day

Today is Hanhan's first day in Childcare Centre, and I'm glad that she did very well and she seems very happy there. For the 1st hour, I was there with her and she clinged on to me. When I told her it's time for Mummy to go, at first she didn't want me to go, but when I gave her her precious Remy to keep her company, she was happy with that and said bye-bye to me.

I was a little worry when I left. However, she did not cry or make a fuss in the Centre when I'm not there, she just had her precious Remy and "baobao" with her all the while. When one of the teacher ask if she can help to put away her Remy and "baobao", she actually said "Don't touch!" Haha....., that's my Hanhan ;P


SewsCute said...

It is always hard to leave them for the fist time. I hate it!! But it's nice that she did so well. I always feel better knowing that they didn't cry and throw a fit when I was gone. Good Job Hanhan!!

XUE said...

I remember missing my kids soooo much when they started out on their first days. I still miss them whenever they go back to school after holidays!

fiona said...

what a big step. must be hard separating but it must also be a proud moment. :)