Thursday, May 14, 2009

Has anyone tell you

that 1st day is ok, doesn't mean the rest of the days are ok? Well.... I'm talking about Hanhan going to Childcare. We have taken her out of Childcare. Why? Maybe because that isn't the best arrangement for her after all.

1st day, she sobbed a little during nap time. (Only know about this the next day)

2nd day, Remy and Baobao doesn't work anymore. With a bit of coaxing and a bit of force from the teacher, I managed to leave.

3nd day, she refused to wear her uniform but finally persuaded by me. But the leaving part required more forcing.

4nd day, she went to childcare without uniform and she was carried into the centre by one of the teacher while she struggled helplessly as if she had been kidnapped. (Now thinking back about how she looked then, it was kind of funny :P) That night she was down with fever, accompanied by cough and flu which started a few days ago.

Till now she has yet to recover from the flu and cough, the fever also come and goes. It has been a week already, I really HATE this HORRIBLE bug!!! For now, we just have to make do with a more messy house and a tighter schedule. And YIPPEE!!! More time to play with Hanhan and do different types of activities.


Suzanne said...

Get well soon Hannan.

Anonymous said... 3nd and 4nd minor error..hee...hope Han will get well soon...give her another chance to learn to adapt when you really hv to put her in a childcare..its really not easy, for her and also for yourself to gal cried for 9mths EVERYDAY when goin to childcare though its just the playgroup timing...angela...

Little Munchkins said...

Poor Hanhan. Hope she feels better soon.