Thursday, March 5, 2009

Sewing sewing

Ya..... I have been sewing, some that can be shown and some can't be shown(gifts). These are what I can show. Bedsheets for Hanhan's new bed. She got a new bed from Ikea and has been using the cotton white bedsheet. The bedsheet is very comfortable but I don't think plain white is the colour for a little girl. Ikea has beautiful quilt cover set for these little beds, but we don't really need quilt in Singapore's weather, furthermore, Hanhan is a "hot" babe and her room is not air-conditioned. I got her some Ikea fabric and sewed her a new bedsheet with fold-over elastic (I got one whole roll of it, can't possibly use it all on make blouses). The FOE makes job really easy, I love it. :) Hanhan loves the bedsheet (not shown in the photo above, it is the one with lots of animals, the one with monkeys, girffas, lions know which one don't you?!), everyday she wakes up telling me the names of all the animals on her bedsheet. Seeing that she loves the new bedsheet so much, I sewed some more bedsheets for her.

Refashioned a blouse that I have kept in the wardrobe for about 6 months or more. Got it from Giordano, it is really comfortable but the length is too long for my liking, but that's the fashion then, and that's seems to be the only type of blouse you can find in the stores :P Actually I'm a "old fashion" type of person, I don't follow trend and fashion. I just like to dress comfortably.
I shortened it, added some laces to the neckline and make a brooch with the cutout fabric.
I'm not so sure about adding the brooch, but overall I'm quite satisfied with the change. Any suggestion or comment about the brooch?


fiona said...

the brooch perfects the look! :)

SewsCute said...

I really like the brooch.

Kate said...

Love the brooch!