Thursday, January 15, 2009

Hanhan in the kitchen 2

Today we baked cookies, because Hanhan suddenly requested for cookies. See my girl at work.
She is a serious worker don't you think so??!! Or looks like I'm torturing her??!! Hehehe....
A smile to show that she is happy and to show that I'm not torturing her!
Eating chocolate chips while watching the machine at work. Ya.... chocolate chips cookies again.... Told you so... I only know that recipe, but we really like it very much.

Another thing to add, I have a set of alphabet cookie cutters that I wanted to use very much, tried to use it today, but the dough is way too stick. Actually I know that won't work, but just want to try, well........ no harm trying right?! However, the cookie cutters got their way to work at the later part of the day.
No alphabet cookies..... only alphabet carrots.
I have fun cutting the carrots, but Hanhan isn't used to eating big pieces of carrot and spitted them out. She did that for several times till I told her angrily not to do it. She started to weep and said, "Hanhan good girl." And she didn't spit out the carrot after that.

Ya..... true enough, Hanhan is good girl. :)


Little Munchkins said...

Isn't she adorable! I am about to bake choc chip cookies today too since my son requested them.

Anonymous said...

We made Anzacs on Friday because we had a request. I am slowly trying to get CT involved in baking but slow is the operative word. :D Looks like you managed to bake your biscuits unscathed, while I burnt my hand. :( Han Han is like CT while concentrating. That tortured/constipated look. :P

XUE said...

Very impressive looking mixer! I sew more than bake so I only have a hand-mixer. My kids love to cook & bake with me in the kitchen too. And of course, they have their own aprons (made by me).