Monday, December 15, 2008

Movie Time

We have been watching movie (vcd) at home for quite some time, and Hanhan enjoys it very much. Sometimes, she can watch the same vcd again and again, till both Daddy and I know what's the next line. We wanted to bring her to the cinema, but the big question is will she stay through the whole movie :P We knew that she likes Madagascar and popcorns, so we tried our luck today.

This is Hanhan's 1st movie in the cinema. :)
The popcorns work wonderfully. She sat through till the popcorns were gone, then she fidgeted a little before she found a more comfortable position in my arms. Movie watching must be very tiring for her, for she fell asleep on the way home.

We didn't get any pictures in the cinema, but here is one we got when she was watching movie vcd at home. Make a guess, which movie are we watching?

She pulled my hand to cover her eyes while she tried to peek through my fingers. Contradicting, right? Hehehe, seems like we are watching horror movies.

We are actually watching Happy feet, one of her favourite. This picture was taken when the tv showed the leopard seal attacking Mambo. Oh...., and my little Hanhan actually weeped when she 1st saw poor Mambo being ostracised by the others. And she will dances when Mambo dances.

;) That's my cute little Hanhan.

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Little Munchkins said...

Sounds like she was a pretty good girl at the movies. I haven't taken my kids yet but I think DS is more than ready to.

Love the photo of her trying to peek through the fingers.