Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Corridor fun

These few days, Hanhan had fun drawing on the corridor with chalks. She insisted on having the chalk when she is suppposed to help me to water some of the plants.

This one she has the caught on the act look, hehehe.
And that's her favourite Barney.
While she was playing with the chalks, I replanted one of the cactus. The main stem was rotted, I must have water too much.... :P I love plant, but I'm never a green finger.
Back into the pot with the others.
This evening I made some bubble solution as seen in Sparkle Power's Homemade Bubble. You just need :

1 gallon water (that's about 3.8l)
2/3 cup dishwashing soap
2-3 tbsp. glycerin

I don't need 1 gallon of bubble solution, so I just use my estimation for the proportion of each ingredient and it takes some try and error to make the solution work. Did try making bubble soloution with just dishwashing soap and water, but it doesn't wok well and it requires much more dishwashing soap than this one. Glad that I found this from Sparkle Power. And if you want to make your own bubble wand and spill-proof bubble container, you can take a look at The Crafty Crow.

Hanhan had fun this evening. Now she had so much bubble solution that she can even wash her hand in it. Of course she ended up getting all wet and soapy.

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