Thursday, July 3, 2008


Our little girl is getting bigger and more independent, so I assign her to help out in our little garden.... errr.... not really a garden, we only have a shelf and some pots of plants. Initialy we just poke holes on the cap of a small plastic bottles (that's what we have been using as a watering can), but it doesn't work for her. She doesn't have enough strength to press the bottle, and water just leak out slowly, way too slow. So we got her this from daiso.
It's cute but a little too dull in terms of colour, and I painted it with some colour pens and spray a layer of protective layer. As you can see from the picture, the colours still came off, a failure. Daddy said the surface might be too smooth for the colours to stay on. Guess I should have roughen the surface before I paint it. Anyway, Hanhan still like to use it and called the watering can "Kitty" (the other side is a Hello Kitty).
This pot is planted by Hanhan. I almost forgot that these are planted by her. She did it(of cos with my help lah) about a week before we went to Australia, and I'm glad that it survive without water for so many days. And now she is drowning them with her new watering can. It is phlox, hope to see them bloom.

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