Saturday, July 5, 2008

Customised tissue cum zippered pouch

Made one of these pouches for a friend few months ago, and her sister likes it very much and she wants one too. So I made one for her sis, and hm..... I think I should make one for myself too ..... so out pop another one. This is actually the 2nd version, I have made this type of pouches for friends several years ago.
It started out as wanting something to hold both tissue and money, as sometimes I will forget to bring tissue out, and I definately need tissue after a meal. Nope, nope, I might be clumsy at times, but I'm not a messy eater, just have a habit of cleaning my mouth after eating something. And oh... the tissue is so light and keeps being blown away by the wind if I don't keep it down with something.
Now I have found more usages for this pouch, and I'm thinking of getting this into my etsy shop......


Suzanne said...

These are lovely and I like your label on them. Very practical.

Anonymous said...


How much are you intending to sell them for? I am intending to order in bulk as gifts if the price is reasonable.


Ahfat said...

Thank you for being interested in my work. Please provide me with your email address and the amount you intend to order, and I will give you a quotation, don't worry no obligation. My email is