Thursday, February 7, 2013

Xinxin 1st - 3rd month

1st Month
Xinxin didn't open her eyes at all for the first few days when we are still in the hospital. Even though we have engaged the studio personnel to take photo for her, but because she didn't open her eyes, they weren't able to take her photo. Haha... too bad... the studio personnel can't earn our money.

I was kinda of worry about her eyes, but the doctor said she should be fine, some babies don't open their eyes till much later, because their eye lids are too puffy. It's was till about 3 weeks old that she first opened her eyes. It's a great relief to finally see her eyes open. Before that I onced tried to push open her eye lids, but the confinement auntie told me not to do that :P

2nd Month
The confinement auntie had left, back to the 4 of us only. Night time isn't really sleeping time for new born, so we had lots of nap during the day. It's great to have Daddy's help, especially during the weekend.
After some nap, we went out for our first outing as a family.

Hanhan was happy to be out for some fresh air too.
After about a week on our own, I'm really glad to have my sister over to help out during the weekdays.

Xinxin loves to sleep on her tummy but we don't feel safe to let her sleep on her tummy in her day bed, and we ended up having to carry her every now and then. 

Best of all sleeping position - tummy on tummy, especially on Daddy's tummy.
3rd Month
 With the help of our new helper, life becomes much better for me.
Although Xinxin looks quite like Hanhan when she was a baby, they do have some distinctively different characteristics. 


Isabella Morais said...


God bless your gorgeous daughters!


Pauline Perh said...

Thank you Isabella, it's a blessing to have good friend like you too! :)