Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sewing for my girls

I made another car seat cover again to replace the old one. There are quite a lot of lints (do you call that lints??) coming out from the batting, so got to replace it so that baby Xinxin can have a nice cozy seat in the car. This time I made sure that there is an extra layer between the batting and the exterior fabric to prevent the same misfortune. I also added extra batting, so now the seat is much more comfortable than the previous one, and of course much more comfortable than the original cover. And I didn't bother worrying that the seat will get dirty easily, we just choose the sweet "zoo animal(pink)", so Hanhan complaint how come hers (the previous car seat cover) is not as nice this Xinxin's :P

After making so many art folios, I finally made one for Hanhan. She was very happy to see the completed art folio and immediately drew with it. Again fabric chosen by her, reason being the print on the fabric looks like crayon doodle. Yes, a prefect match for its usage :> And yes, it's the same up as Xinxin's car seat!

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